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April 16th, 2013

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Author Topic: Atonement Wasteful Life through Salawat -Ibn ‘Ata Allah
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Post Atonement Wasteful Life through Salawat -Ibn ‘Ata Allah
on: April 20, 2013, 21:04

Atonement of a Wasteful Life through Salawat
Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim

Peace and Blessing on Muhammad, his family and companions forever

Atonement of a Wasteful Life through Salawat Notes of Ibn ‘Ata Allah (ra)

By Isma’il Dhul-Qarnayn

Ibn Ata Allah (ra) said:

The one who has approached the end of his life and wishes to win over what he has neglected in his by his insufficiency hold to the right of Allah and virtuous action, then he should increase in extensive remembrance. So if he were to do this, the short life becomes extensive.

Ibn Harith (ra) said that the Prophet (saw) left from her then returned after sunrise and she was sitting and he (saw) said to her, “You remained in this state which I left you? And she said, ‘yes’, and he (saw) said to her, ‘after I left you I said four utterances three times. If what you said during the day was weighed against it, it would out weigh them and it is, “Glory to Allah by the quantity of his creation, Glory to Allah, Glory to Allah to the extent of his pleasure, Glory to Allah in the decoration of the Throne, Glory to Allah In the ink of His words

On this, the one who has neglected much of fasting and performance then he should occupy himself with Salawat on the Messenger of Allah (saw). If have throughout your entire life work in obedience to Allah, then Allah was to send prayers on you one time, this will override all what you’ve done in you life. Because you give peace to the Prophet (saw) according to your extent but Allah gives it on the quality of His Lordship. So if this by one Salawat then what about when He sends ten salawat-prayers on you for every one you send (request) on the Messenger (saw)? Abū Hurayra (ra) is reported as saying that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said:

The one who send prayer on me, Allah send on him ten.

But what a beautiful life if you were already obedient to Allah with remembrance of Him, you were engaged in salawat on the Messenger of Allah in every time with sincerity of heart, soft demeanor, good intention and cognizance with the love of the Messenger of Allah (saw). Allah has commanded us to give prayers and peace on him in his book:

“Allah and his angels send prayers on the Prophet. O ye who believe, send prayer and peace upon him forever.” (33:56)

The Prophet (saw) has no need in the sending prayer for him from the believers; it is but to manifest his greatness (saw) and being thankful for him whereas he is the source of our guidance and bliss. Because sending prayers brings us to him and the avenues of his love opens for us and the attainment of reward and is the great favor from the Lord of the Worlds.

End Quote.

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