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July 14th, 2013

Assalamu Alaykum,

Do you have a 5-9 Year old?
Would you like him/her to spend their holidays in a fun yet productive environment?

If so, The Zawiya Madrasah is holding its Annual Summer School from 29th July – 15th August 2013. Places are Limited.

Our Holiday Schools are themed, and will take place during all school holidays insha’Allah to keep your children learning throughout the year.

For this Summer we are bringing you 2 schools:

1) My First Ramadan – 2 weeks
Includes: Purpose of fasting | How to fast | Basic Duas | Mini Fasts | Hadith

2) My First Wudu – 1 week
Includes: How to do Wudu | Fiqh | Basic Duas | Hadith | Lots More

- Introduction to Prophetic Foods
– Etiquette of eating and drinking
– Quran and Revelation
– Practical wudu demonstrations
– and lots more…

All classes will be interactive and fun. We have 3 teachers, and 3 volunteers to ensure that we give your child all our attention. All staff DBS (CRB) checked.

Classes will be Mon-Thur, 11am – 1pm

For a detailed timetable, or for more information, please ask and we will happily provide.

If you would like to enrol your child, please attend our enrolment day on Saturday 20th July 2013, 11am – 3pm

or call/text us on 07704 755 869, email us: to reserve a place


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Sufi Healing Project